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About Me


Hello! I'm Hollie Benn the face behind

HB Phlebotomy

I have worked in the healthcare industry since leaving university with a Biomedical Science degree in 2008 and have been a phlebotomist for the past 5 years. I have worked in Laboratories, Hospital and GP practice environments with experience in performing phlebotomy in both adults and children over the age of 5. 


I have always had a passion for science and more recently have involved my interests around nutrition, its impact on the body and how it functions. I have recently just completed a nutrition course aimed specifically to help those going through the menopause or struggling with infertility. I take great pride in what I do and strive to deliver a professional and friendly service to all of my clients. I am fully insured and DBS certified.

Blood tests are the most reliable and accurate way of monitoring the health of your body.

They are a pivotal tool for helping to diagnose and prevent health issues 


Using my knowledge and expertise in this field I wanted to provide a service for people to be able to take an active role in their health with definitive results 

Disclaimer - I am not a medical doctor and you are advised to consult your GP if you have any suspected health conditions or health concerns

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