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Blood Draw Options

There are several phlebotomy options available

Blood Draw Only

If you are already have a blood draw kit then I can take the blood samples for you. All samples will be packed and ready for you to post.


Blood Draw & Centrifuge

Some specialist blood tests require the sample to be centrifuged or 'spun' to separate the components of the blood. If you have samples that require this then it can be done using a centrifuge after your blood draw. 

I will ensure all samples are dealt with as per the laboratory instructions before packaging them up ready for you to take to the post office. 

Mobile Service

We offer a mobile blood draw service so that you can have you bloods taken in the comfort of your own home or place of work. The centrifuge option is also available for this option. please contact me using the details on the 'contact me' page for availability and price

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