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Blood Draw

If you are already have a blood draw kit then I can take the blood samples for you. All samples will be packed and ready for you to post.

Ordering of Blood Tests + Blood Draw

If you would like particular blood tests done I can recommend and order them for you. Please go to the booking page to order the tests and blood draw. If the particular test you are after isn't there please contact me and I can order it for you if it is available.


Once the kit has arrived I can then perform the blood draw and post the samples off to be analysed. The results of the tests will be available to you online along with interprations from a medical professional.

Please book your appointment at least 1 week in advance to allow for the kit to arrive.

Centrifuge of Samples

Some specialist blood tests require the sample to be centrifuged or 'spun' to separate the components of the blood. If you have samples that require this then it can be done using a centrifuge after your blood draw. 

I will ensure all samples are dealt with as per the laboratory instructions before packaging them up ready for you to take to the post office. 

Theraputic Venesection

Due to certain medical conditions or medications sometimes clients may need larger quantities of blood taken. I can provide this service at my clinic in Bluntisham.

(please note: clients requiring this service must have written confirmation from their consultant stating the amount of blood that needs to be taken off at each appointment).

Mobile Service

If you would like to take advantage of my mobile blood draw service please contact me directly using the details provided on the 'contact me' page. 

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