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Take control of your fertility health with our bespoke Fertility Health Package. Our expert of nutrition coach will perform a comprehensive blood analysis to determine any potential nutritional deficiencies that may impact your fertility. From there, we will design custom nutrition recommendations tailored specifically to your needs to optimise your chances of conception.


Our Menopause Health Package is designed to help you navigate the changes your body is going through in a healthy and natural way. Our comprehensive service includes a detailed blood analysis to help identify areas where you may need extra support. Along with the guidance of our experienced nutrition coach, we'll work with you to create a tailored nutritional recommendations that will help you feel your best during this transition.

my form blood analysis package

MyFORM®, is the only blood test available in the UK which analyses if your hormones are fluctuating in the expected pattern throughout your entire menstrual cycle. Unlike standard tests which give women a result for a single day, MyFORM® gives women unrivalled insight into their personal hormone variations over their individual cycle. Ideal for women who are not on hormonal contraception or HRT and want to check for hormone imbalance, fertility, and hormone-related conditions.

With this personal infomation our nutrition coach can create bespoke nutritional recommendations to get you feeling optimised


The Vibe Studio, Station rd, Bluntisham, Cambs, PE28 3PA

Le Coach Fitness, 2 Winship rd, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6BQ

Cambridge Aesthetics & wellbeing Lounge, Ben's Yard, Stuntney Estate, Ely, Cambs, CB7 5TR

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